Looking for the ROOT CAUSE of your complaints?

That's what we do at Oerrijkleven! We take your complaints seriously and start the search for the true cause by making a timeline, as it were a film of your life, and we eventually arrive at the cause of the complaint(s). The treatment of the cause, a working mechanism that has stolen energy from other working mechanisms, causing complaints, has the result that the complaints slowly decrease and gradually disappear.

              The timeline and supporting EMB test will tell you everything! 

Every change starts with a first step, which requires courage and perseverance. It is the start from which follow-up steps emerge, bringing you closer to your Happy Lifestyle. The prospect of taking your health into your own hands to be energetic and vital is a huge boost. During the intake we gain insight into any complaints present and your current lifestyle. It is important to know what you would like to achieve with the treatment. Do you want to get rid of your complaints? Want to promote your gut health? Do you want to achieve a good Lifestyle or update your current one? Or maybe reach your natural weight? Or an annual check-up?

There are several possibilities for each option; for one person there are separate consultations available and you agree every 4 weeks, while the other benefits more from a complete package and supporting massages. Have you often tried something and afterwards failed and did the complaints come back? Changing and building a new routine takes time; the body has to get used to changes slowly.

In addition to regular values, the EMB test(via a painless finger prick) also indicates any disturbances, blockages and loads. This includes possible blockages in the organs that prevent certain body processes from running smoothly. For example, the intestines and liver can be burdened, so that their functioning is not optimal, which causes complaints. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies and intolerances are also revealed, these are important outcomes that can be quickly corrected by adding supplements or omitting certain foods.

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